Icy Street Map

The map below is cropped and downsized. When ready, click [HERE] or on the image below for Full Size Map (4MB) that covers all of Collins View.

Click for Collins View Icy Streets Map by John Miller

Don't get stuck (or worse) on Collins View streets on an Icy day! Auto-Navigation suggested short cuts may land you in the ditch!

Avoid the steep hills of 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

2nd Ave from Terwilliger to Palatine gets icy bad. SEVENTEEN cars in a pile at the 2nd Ave/Terwilliger intersection, more piled at the Palatine/ 2nd intersection last ice storm.

The Brugger St/2nd Ave intersection is icy even when 2nd is not, because a spring seeps across Brugger there ten months a year. It is always wet or icy. South slope of 3rd Ave generally not passable without chains and AWD. Downhill, it dumps into unsafe SW 2nd via unpaved Collins St.

4th Ave (9200-9600) off of Boones Ferry is a dead end road on a hill. Neighbors are very careful using it but friends and new neighbors may want to park down the street rather than attempt it. We are at the crest of the hill and have had three or four cars slide into our front yard over the years.

Avoid the steep streets of Lobelia, Orchid and Alice.

Lobelia, Orchid and Alice Streets, the main entry streets west of Terwilliger, are all very steep and very tough in the snow and ice. Alice is the least steep, so if one were to be designated as the best snow route that is probably the one. People in this area have two ways to get out, onto Terwilliger and a back route onto Taylors Ferry via SW 9th Drive. SW 9th Drive is a very key route and very potholed right now.

Terwilliger Place between Terwilliger and Riverside St: Steep hill, all but impassible when icy.

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