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G.A.R cemetery, NW corner

River View Cemetery

Founded in 1882. River View Cemetery has an excellent website. [LINK]

River View is a private cemetery.

Cemetery Rules!

River View Cemetery has some undeveloped reserve property which is posted No Trespassing. Please respect this private property, which is adjacent to the natural area along Palatine Hill Road.

Greenwood Hills Cemetery

Established in 1882. This cemetery enjoys loyal community support.

Read the interesting [HISTORY]!

Greenwood Hills Cemetery is private property. The Greenwood Hills Cemetery Maintenance Association (GHCMA) reserves the right to allow or not allow visitors. Visit the GHCMA website for more information. [GHCMA]

Greenwood Hills has a Facebook page, linked to from their website. (?)

Current usage rules are:

Please consider making a donation if you frequent Greenwood Hills. An annual cleanup event is held prior to Memorial Day. [HINT]

Grand Army of the Republic

Founded in 1882.

More G A R

The two acre GAR Cemetery inside Greenwood Hills has Historic Cemetery status and is maintained by Metro. GAR (sometimes) holds a Boys in Blue that signals the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend and prompts a moment to pause and honor our fallen heroes.

The GRAND ARMY page on the Historic Cemetery section of Metro's website has more info. [LINK]

A new statue was dedicated on May 30, 2009. (Years, before the original statue was cut down, pounded into scrap bronze, and sold for drug money.)

Statue Dedication

Ahavai Shalom Cemetery

Founded in 1871.

Same as Neveh Shalom Cemetery, of the Neveh Shalom congregation.

Located at SW First and Alice Streets. Currently managed and maintained by Congregation Neveh Shalom. Contact: Sylvia Pearlman, Executive Director of Neveh Shalom. (503) 246-8831.

Access is limited to families only, or people with land rights.

Beth Israel Cemetery

This is the second cemetery of this name and is the oldest continuously operating Jewish cemetery in the nation.

This cemetery location was selected in 1874. The old location's pioneer graves were relocated to this location once it was purchased.

Located at 426 Southwest Taylors Ferry Road. Access is limited to families only, or people with land rights.


There is a history of the Beth Israel Cemetery entitled Portland's Jewish Cemetery by Doris Sherrow, March 2000: [August 2005]. (Link of web page previously view is now dead.)

An interesting History of Jewish cemeteries on Oregon. http://www.jewishgen.org/cemetery/northamerica/oregon.html [PAGE NOW MISSING]