Welcome to the web site for the Collins View Neighborhood Association in Portland Oregon. (Whether a resident or checking us out from afar.)

Collins View itself is unique in several important ways:

It's not urban, in the sense of square blocks, or high-rise apartment buildings, or much commercial activity; but it's not strictly suburban either, because it's close to downtown. There is decent public transit service to other parts of the city, and there are some important destinations within walking distance. It does have a modest commercial center, at the intersection of Terwilliger and Taylor's Ferry, shared with oure neighborh to the north, South Burlingame.

It's pretty hilly, has few sidewalks, and has a largely rural feel once you get off Terwilliger.

It's got four cemeteries, two of which are historic, within its boundaries. Eight-hundred-acre Tryon Creek State Natural Area, and another 200 acres of open space, are both mainly forest, and home to a wide variety of plants, birds and other wildlife.

It's got a fine private college (Lewis & Clark) and a fine law school (Lewis & Clark Law School), making it home to a number of students, faculty, and staff.

So Collins View has a number of unusual assets, enjoyed and looked after by neighbors.

(Charlie Weiss, Chair, Collins View Neighborhood Association)?

The neighborhood association... (mention the Portland NA system?)

Membership in neighborhood association is open to all residents, property owners, governmental agencies, business licensees and nonprofit organizations located within Collins View.


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