CVNA Minutes from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

We've recently begun posting minutes on our website. See below for older minutes.

The Process: After each meeting, the draft minutes are circulated in email to the board and members present at meeting, and posted on Nextdoor. Once approved, they are posted here for reference.





The Way Back Machine... Where can I find older minutes for CVNA meetings?

Firstly, has an archive of all minutes. Most recent are electronic, older ones are on paper.

Here's a link to the Google Drive archives of CVNA meeting minutes (back to 2004): [LINK].

On Nextdoor

You need a login for collinsview on to see the ones posted from DATE3 to DATE4. We should download any minutes that are not included above, add them to our website.

On Google Groups

Minutes were sent out via our Google Group after Every meeting from DATE1 to DATE2. The google group now serves as a repository for those years. Simply go to and you will see everything going back several years. We should download the minutes, add them to our website, and then close the Google group.
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