Standing Committees

trans Transit and Transportation
landuse Land Use
safety Crime Prevention and Safety, Neighborhood Watch
parks To be defined?
outreach Outreach

Descriptions from CVNA Bylaws

The Outreach Committee shall: 1) promote participation in CVNA activities and committees, 2) assist in notifying the membership of meetings, elections, events and other relevant matters of concern; 3) assist SWNI to maintain and update membership/mailing lists; and 4) pursue the outreach objectives of the CVNA Action Plan.
Land Use
The Land Use Committee shall: 1) review and respond to all land use notifications as appropriate; 2) conduct activities to pursue the land use objectives of CVNA Action Plan; and 3) participate in SWNI Land Use Committee.
The Parks Committee shall participate on SWNI's Parks Committee and implement the parks objectives outlined in CVNA Action Plan pertaining to parks and recreational opportunities.
Crime Prevention (safety)
The Crime Prevention Committee shall promote public safety by: 1) participating on the SWNI Crime Prevention committee; 2) leading the Neighborhood Block Watch program; and 3) pursuing the crime prevention objectives of the CVNA Action Plan.
Transit and Transportation (committee vs issues)
The Transportation Committee shall promote neighborhood livability and safety, by: 1) participating on the SWNI Transportation Committee and 2) implementing the transportation objectives of the CVNA Action Plan.

Special Committees

Special committees may be established by majority vote of the board or by the Chair.

Trees Committee [TREES].

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee shall consist of not less than three members elected by the general membership at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting and shall abide by the Grievance Procedure described in Article XI. No member of this committee shall serve on the Board. The committee's responsibility shall be to hear complaints of persons adversely affected by decisions of CVNA and to make recommendations to the Board and CVNA for resolution of the complaint.
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